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Senior UX/UI Designer
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Custom fit-out mobile AR app
Interior Design, Furniture, Architecture

Enable faster decision making and real time visualisation of custom fit-outs through the power of AR.

I was lead UX/UI Designer for the AR mobile and tablet application. My role implied understanding COS  sales process and their target audience behaviour and needs. Following that, the goal was to fill the gap in their flow and develop an app that would optimise and add value to both the sales department and to clients.

Design Process

As being part of a pitch and project demo, the MVP would have to be more narrow and showcase only some core features, based on the brief discovery phase we made. We had a first initial meeting with COS stakeholders to walk us through their day to day journey and understood some pain points they already identified with their clients.

During our first meeting and discussions, I tried to understand the COS processes when starting a new project and understand what are the touch points with clients.  I mapped an initial journey diagram and identified the most time consuming tasks and their nature. I needed to understand if the client's value stood in the people interaction and interaction or in the visual presentation. Based on the findings we defined the main goals for the MVP.


We realised fairly early in our research process that there is a great opportunity to create an app that serves both the clients and the sales representatives and designer teams. 

By keeping the information about the same office space between both parties communication is greatly simplified. 

Define how the experience can enable both sides to close deals faster

For the MVP I decided that there is more value in focusing on the Client side however as the reach of such a first pilot would be significantly greater. 

The overlap between the client side and sales rep side is designed to be minimal. 

There is no debate that interior design and the furniture industry is a very visual market. Often clients are not able to visualise the bold proposals of architects and designers.


With the augmented reality app by COS you can create custom fit-outs for office spaces that are very close to the real outcome so decisions are more informed and decisive.

The Immersive Experience of configuring the office space

Designed to delight

Although AR is already a fashionable technology, some end users are not so accustomed to it yet. To counter this the direction I took was to propose a really pleasant to use interface with highly familiar interactions.

reach out via linkedin to learn more about my work or just to say hi!

COS - AR fit-out solution

COS is the only regional Steelcase platinum reseller and they are also offering custom office design services. An AR platform was the next logic step for such an industry leader. 


A major pain point in the sales process is not being able to show, on the spot, what a client's empty space can become in terms of fit out possibilities. We participated in an open pitch to present a demo of the AR app that would fix this limitation and add great value to COS sales processes.

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