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Bright Spaces: A new Era for Office Space Leasing
Bright Spaces empowers seamless leasing and renting of office spaces through web 3D visualization and contract automation.

As the team lead for four engineers and designers, I guided the project through a Real Estate hackathon, collaborating closely with stakeholders. After our victory, we expanded the project beyond the initial requirements.


Bright Spaces

Project: Leasing Platform

My Role

Team Lead, Lead Product Designer, 3D Artist


Real Estate, Web App, Dashboard, SaaS, 3D

Live Link


As a startup, we prioritized launching a live MVP and building upon user feedback. We carefully selected market-demanding features for the initial MVP.

Our first iteration focused on enhancing the broker's experience, recognizing their expertise in such deals. If brokers found value, tenants would follow suit.

Uniting Stakeholders and Investors with Design Thinking

Post-MVP and demo showcase, we refined the product's long-term strategy to align with end customers' needs.

To pivot swiftly and pinpoint our new direction, we conducted a one-day Design Thinking exercise with the extended team. This exercise aided in identifying significant opportunities and addressing critical pain points.

Customer Experience 1.0
Customer Experience 2.0: Ideation
Design Process: The Hackathon

This unconventional project brought authentic insights and tangible value, engaging stakeholders in shaping the solution and attracting potential B2B customers.

Challenge: Online Reservation & Contract Management for Office Spaces
User Flow and Wireframes

The project continues to evolve with ongoing feature development and feedback-driven improvements, ensuring Bright Spaces becomes a mature and invaluable solution.


The project still has features under development. There was released an MVP with an initial client and there is constantly feedback and metrics that help Bright Spaces project reach a mature and valuable solution.

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Future-Proof and Innovative: Value Meets ROI

Iteration #01 of Screens

Scaling Beyond the MVP

Following our hackathon win, the main stakeholder became the primary investor, allowing us to develop the MVP into a fully functional platform.

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