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There is a new Creator Economy emerging out of the new web3 and immersive industry.

A web3 social media app it's a great platform to enable Creators showcase and get reworded for their work. Tipping is a feature that aims to explore shaping this new Creator Economy.


My Role

Head of Product Design

3D Artist


Blockchain, B2C, Web App, Mobile App, Social Media Platform, FinTech, Dashboard

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A new Creator Economy

A social media built entirely on blockchain is a suitable platform to shape a Tipping system that would encourage creators to delivery great content and get rewarded for it.

Starting points are thought so I imagined a system where users are welcomed to join in the creator economy and start creating and rewarding without financial constraints. This is how the Community Pool was born. 

The Community Pool was filled by distrikt with a fixed amount of tokens to be used by the community for 16 weeks. Certain users would receive a weekly allocation they could use to tip other creators. Those users were selected by the contribution they had to the platform in the previous amount of time.

Tipping Creators

The Tipping feature has two facets. One is the one of a Tipper or Supporter, the one who tips posts, accounts and the one that receives Tips or Creator who can see the list of supporters and tips gathered. Both sides have the ability to have an overview of their finances in a well designed Dashboard.

A cross-platform Creator Economy

In a dynamic ever evolving industry, mobile access is essential. Therefore both distrikt as a platfrom but also the tipping functionality is available on desktop and mobile. The experience of this functionality was carefully designed to accomodate both platforms particularities. 

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