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PeakPower, a CleanTech company, pioneers software and hardware solutions driving companies closer to net-zero goals.


One standout software offering is Peak Synergy, a tool designed for forecasting grid needs, trimming operational costs with energy-type dashboards, issuing peak event alerts, and furnishing actionable insights for customers.



Project: Peak Synergy

My Role

Lead Product Designer


B2B, CleanTech, Analytics, Dashboard design, Design System, Responsive, Cross-platform

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Crafting a Custom Scalable Design System

When I joined this project, the scope, requirements, and target audience were well-defined. The company was looking for streamlined scalability, rapid functionality testing, and a versatile, uncluttered design system adaptable to cross-platform usage and different product verticals.

Tackling Challenges: Modular Charts

Designing for Peak Synergy's data-rich environment unveiled some challenges. I needed to create modular, scalable, and responsive components while taking into account the Bootstrap UI principles. However, the outcome was highly satisfying. I successfully delivered a series of Figma components and variables that streamlined design and prototyping. The design system also improved developer handovers by providing well-documented components and states.

Tackling Challenges: Table Components

Tables, often filled with diverse cell types, input fields, toggles, action icons, and extensive content, can be complex. I developed a scalable component with variables to optimize table design and construction, making it easy to create new screens. These tables contain variable rows, customizable cells, and responsiveness for web and mobile.

Driving Toward Net Zero: My Contribution to the Journey

Across North America, businesses and factories aim to cut electricity costs and environmental impact. Peak Synergy empowers them in this pursuit. During peak usage periods (comprising 30-60% of bills), less eco-friendly power plants are active. Peak Synergy leverages grid data, weather forecasts, and special algorithms to predict and alert users about these high-demand times.

My contribution to Peak Power involved transforming complex data into user-friendly charts and tables, facilitating informed decisions. I optimized processes by crafting an adaptable, industry-specific design system that streamlined handovers and implementation.

Reach out via linkedin to learn more about my work or just to say hi!
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