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UnfoldVR platform combines web and VR to enable 3D voxel drawing, all supported by blockchain technology and powered by NFTs for digital asset management and subscriptions.



Project: UnfoldVR

My Role

Lead Product Designer


Blockchain, B2C, Web App, VR/AR, NFTs

Live Link

Bridging the Gap between 3D creators and their community

While a robust community of professional 3D artists exists, existing marketplaces tend to foster transactional interactions. There's a market need for a more social and accessible platform.

UnfoldVR steps in to foster interaction among creators and simplify 3D model creation for those with minimal 3D modeling experience.

Web Platform as Gateway to the VR App

The web platform serves as a gateway to the VR creation tool, allowing users to easily share their creations with their audience.

Voxel 3D drawing provides an accessible entry point into this realm, and it's even more immersive in VR. UnfoldVR's primary VR audience includes young users with gaming experience in titles like Roblox, Minecraft, or Fortnite.

Creation Tools

Additionally, the 3D configurator simplifies the generation of complex models by combining different parts, which can also be minted as NFTs or offered as subscriptions.

Voxel Drawing Tool

I designed and shaped the voxel drawing tool for both web and VR from the start, offering ease of use and exceptional performance. Users can mint their creations as NFTs, with metadata capturing community engagement to potentially increase their value over time.

3D Configurator Tool


The product is still being developed and by latest research and interaction, there is a high demand for Creation tools as a Service. There are several products or metaverses that are looking for creation tools to integrate and UnfoldVR might be one of the best candidates out there. Next on the Roadmap is to shape up more and declutter the current version and solify the infrastructure for the Creation Tool to serve as a plug and play tool for other products.

Reach out via linkedin to learn more about my work or just to say hi!
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