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Intralinks VDR empowers growing businesses to streamline Due Diligence and close deals through an enhanced Q&A micro-service integrated within the virtual data room.

As Lead UX/UI Designer, I wore multiple hats, serving as a UX Designer, Design Sprint Facilitator, User Researcher, Prototyper, and UI Designer.



Project name: Q&A Service

My Role

Lead UX/UI Designer

Design Sprint Facilitator


FinTech, B2B, SaaS

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Amplifying Customer Voices in Design

During the initial stages of the Design Sprint, we swiftly identified key pain points and objectives for Q&A. In just one day, we designed a prototype to validate assumptions with select clients and stakeholders. Their feedback honed our focus on high-impact areas, while also revealing valuable insights into user behavior and objectives.

Navigating the Design Process

Q&A plays a pivotal role in M&A, interconnecting with various facets of the main VDR (virtual data room). My mission was to revamp and elevate it, both visually and in terms of backend infrastructure. To initiate this process, we conducted an exhaustive discovery phase involving stakeholders and developers and driven by customer feedback.

Elevating Global Usage and Adoption with Enhanced Q&A

Leveraging insights from customer interviews and data, we set clear metrics for improvement. Q&A caters to specific needs across diverse use cases, demanding a user experience that facilitates quicker, error-free task completion.

A significant pain point in the existing Q&A system was user dependency on our admins for setup. To optimize efficiency and resource allocation, we concentrated on enhancing usability by introducing an intelligent guided wizard.

The Q&A Setup: Building Blocks for Seller-Buyer Collaboration

This wizard was designed with scalability and modularity in mind. It should accommodate iteration and expansion while eventually transforming into a comprehensive Settings/Configuration section within the overall Q&A Experience.

Tour Tips: Your Virtual Assistant Through the Process

In addition to a comprehensive PDF guide, we adopted a learn-as-you-go approach that resonated well with busy users. Tooltips and tour tips were integrated to facilitate rapid comprehension of new tasks.

Designing for Seamless Integration within a Software Ecosystem

Maintaining design consistency across Intralinks' products presented a challenge, but it was essential. The new micro-app introduced components and patterns into the existing Design System, with many driven by my proposals. As user behaviors evolve, adapting to new needs becomes an ongoing process.

Unveiling Insights: Crafting an Informative Dashboard

Understanding buyer actions and behaviors provides valuable insights into their interest and purchasing potential. This information guides sellers toward optimal focus areas, enhancing efficiency and deal closure rates.

reach out via linkedin to learn more about my work or just to say hi!
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