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Hi, I'm Casandra!

—Senior Product Designer / Head of Design

I balance innovation and user-centric principles, all driven by data-driven insights. I set the standard through leading by example and practical application.

Within my role, I take charge of both product design and product strategy. I excel at identifying and nurturing talent, fostering collaborative team cultures, and streamlining design processes for maximum efficiency.


  • Senior Product Designer transforming ideas into reality. Crafting the future of digital experiences with inspiring product interactions. 

  • Design Sprint Strategist and Facilitator

  • Creative Director for innovative tech solutions

  • Design Manager focused on leading and growing multi disciplinary teams.

  • VR/AR User Experience consultant with 3D modelling and animation skills

  • Founder of SACOCHERO.COM - Conscious fashion crafted locally

Take a Look at
My Work

In a year since its launch,, a decentralized social media network, garnered over 100,000 users.

As Head of Design, my multifaceted role encompassed defining the product strategy, crafting innovative design solutions, managing a complex Design System, preserving visual branding integrity, and providing mentorship in 3D software tools.

Blockchain, B2C, Social Media Platform, Web App, Mobile App, Design System, Start up The SoFi component, Growing the new Creator Economy with a Tipping System

Enabling the essential Tipping Feature would now support creators in the web3 space to grow and monetise their work. The Community Pool is setup to kick start the tipping movement within

In the first 4 months: 2,600 tipped posts, 0 transactions failed and 250 ICP distributed

Blockchain, B2C, Social Media Platform, Web App, Mobile App

Intralinks Q&A: Facilitating Effective Due Diligence Conversations

This use case highlights my role in enhancing the Q&A functionality within a Mergers and Acquisition platform. The objective was to streamline discussions and optimization between Buyers and Sellers during the Due Diligence process.

FinTech, B2B, Web Platform, Design System, User Research, Dashboard

PeakPower Inc. - CleanTech Company, Building Energy Management. 

My contribution to Peak Power involved transforming complex data into user-friendly charts and tables, facilitating informed decisions. I optimized processes by crafting an adaptable, industry-specific design system that streamlined handovers and implementation.

CleanTech, B2B, SaaS, Web App, Responsive UI, Design System, Dashboard, Analytics, Design System 

UnfoldVR - The Spatial Hub for 3D Creators

As the Principal Product Designer for both UnfoldVR's web and VR platforms, I achieved success by delivering intricate features such as web-based 3D creation, NFT minting, 3D asset configurators, and creator discovery. UnfoldVR's roadmap stretches far into the future, promising substantial growth for both the product in this emerging immersive creator economy.

Blockchain, B2C, AR/VR, Web App, Branding, Product Design, NFT, Start up

Ripe Exits: Elevating PE Asset Sales

I transformed intricate data into compelling visualizations at Ripe Exits, enhancing the prediction of Private Equity asset sales. This project reflects my expertise in data visualization as a product designer.

FinTech, B2B, Data visualisation, Dashboard Design, Analytics, Web design, ML

Bright Spaces - Office Space Leasing Platform

I led the team to victory at the PropTech hackathon with BrightSpaces, aiming to transform real estate with tech innovation. We delivered a pitch, a functional MVP, and conducted stakeholder research. Post-win, I facilitated a design sprint to plan the project's next phases.

B2B, SaaS, Real-estate, Web platform, Hackathon

IMWorld - A well-established Tech Conference in Romania

A prominent tech conference platform, IMWorld, organized by Universum, was looking to elevate its digital cross-platform experience. Romania's largest tech event, IMWorld, entrusted me with the responsibility of enhancing its digital presence and web platform.

B2B, Web platform, responsive UI, Events, Tech Conference

In a nutshell:

Bringing Value Through Expertise:

Understanding and Defining the What and Why

From understanding your business goals and aligning them with market needs to validating assumptions through usability sessions or user interviews, I can lead every step to ensure we define and design a product with significant potential and impact.

Designing the Look and Functionality

My work is guided by the principle that form follows function, a simple mindset that seamlessly translates into UX work. With a background in both design and business development, I'm the ideal creator and partner to collaborate with, ensuring your project reaches its full potential.

Enhancing Interaction with Motion Graphics

Utilizing my skill set, which includes 3D modeling, animation, and 2D motion graphics, I can help you visualize and implement concepts that may be challenging to convey without visual graphics.

The key to creating impactful experiences lies in the details and the selection of smooth and thoughtful interactions.

reach out via linkedin to learn more about my work or just to say hi!

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